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Programs: Private Lessons

Harp & Guitar

Harp, Guitars (electric and acoustic, lead and bass) are all taught on the traditional note reading method as the student learns to play the instrument. 

Weekly lessons are offered for 30 minutes for beginners, 45 minutes for intermediates (when the student begins to learn simple music literature), and 60 minutes for advanced students (who are playing more difficult literature).  However, high achieving beginners or slower learners may wish apply for more time than allotted here.  In other words, you choose the length of time of your lesson.   Tuition is paid by the time, not the level. 

 Teachers write the assignment for each week in the student's Assignment Notebook, and students are expected to write in the time they spend practicing on the Practice Record page foreach week, children 12 and under have the practice record signed off by a parent.

Harp books include Harp Olympics, Vanderbilt Edition solos for harp, Student Harpist Sight Reader, Fun From the First by Samuel Milligan for Harp, and others.

Guitar method books include Melbay Guitar Method, Aaron Shearer Learning the Classic Guitar, Aaron Shearer Classic Guitar Techniques, Alfred Basic Guitar Method, Blues Guitar for Beginners, Folk Guitar and Classical Guitar methods and others.  Bass Guitars students uses The Complete Electric Bass Player by Chuck Rainey.  All those books mentioned above are in the school's Book and Music Store.   

The harp and guitar students are placed in ensembles on occasion, and occasionally, harpists play with the orchestra.

Guitar lessons are taught by Aaron Civic, B.Mus., and the legendary Tom Newman, B.Mus.






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