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Programs: Private Lessons--ORGAN



Classical Organ weekly lessons are offered for 30 minutes for beginners, 45 minutes for intermediates (when the student begins to learn simple music literature), and 60 minutes for advanced students (who are playing more difficult literature). However, high achieving beginners or slower learners may wish apply for more time than allotted here. In other words, you choose the length of time of your lesson. Tuition is paid by the time, not the level.

Teachers write the assignment for each week in the student's Assignment Notebook, and students are expected to write in the time they spend practicing on the Practice Record page foreach week, children 12 and under have the practice record signed off by a parent.  Organ private lessons are taught on a 2-manuel Baldwin electronic organ with full concave pedal board. Methods used include

  • Method of Organ Playing by Harold Gleason, edited by Catherine Crozier, 1988
  • Technique and Art of Organ Playing by Clarence Dickinson
  • Complete Organ Method book by John Stainer
  • The Organ; a manuel of The Principals of Organ Playing by John Stainer, edited and enlarged by Edwin Arthur Kraft, 

Students learn how to play  to play hymns and literature for preludes, offertories and postludes for church services and recital. Past OMS students are now professional musicians, or are students in other institutions of higher learning. 

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ADDRESS:   University Town Center, 6525 Belcrest Road, Suite G-20, Hyattsville, MD 20782

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